Are you struggling to explain your blockchain solution, and educate your target users?

Blockchain protocols are astoundingly complex. Communicating the basic concepts is hard enough. And conveying the benefits of your technology simply – in a way that sells – is an enormous challenge.

I’m a B2b tech copywriter with years of experience explaining and persuading on behalf of tech businesses. I’m also an Ethereum developer.

I’ve built several dApps, and I have just released DeciMath – an efficient-gas fixed-point mathematics library for Ethereum, written in Solidity.  

In short – I really get blockchain mechanics, in a way that most writers don’t. I can help you convey your value proposition, explain your technology, and build your ecosystem.

Check out my long-form blockchain articles here.

Topics I can write for you on:

  • Benefits and use-cases of your blockchain technology
  • Industry trends, predictions, and impacts of blockchain tech
  • Protocols and consensus mechanisms
  • dApp and protocol development
  • Token economics, governance, incentive structures
  • Security tokens, DeFi, crypto markets

The style and tone depend on the“job” you want the content to do – and who you want it to speak to. I can craft messaging that targets enterprise buyers, retail users, developers, or investors.

Styles I can write in…

Positioning you as the go-to experts in your niche.

Conveying the benefits of your product or service. Sparking the reader’s desire, establishing your expertise, and dissolving their concerns.

Explaining complex blockchain concepts simply and clearly.

I’m protocol agnostic – I can write ‘for or against’ a wide range of crypto products, services and investment theses.

Types of Content I Can Create For You

  • Blog posts and long-form articles
  • Reports, white papers, proposals
  • Persuasive sales copy
  • Technical software documentation

NB: I only write for legitimate blockchain projects – platforms, products or services that create real value.

If you’re building something amazing on a blockchain – get in touch, and I’ll help you nail your messaging.

Rick P

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Samples of My Work

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