Welcome to ETH Devs. I’m Rick, a blockchain developer – building dApps and smart contracts on Ethereum.

Immutable storage and irreversible logic will transform large swathes of finance, markets and computation. The tools have arrived…. we just need to build the solutions.

I’m currently knee-deep in Ethereum development at Liquity, building the core back-end protocol.

My Past Projects:

  • DeciMath – an efficient-gas fixed-point mathematics library for Solidity
  • EtherSplit – A debt tracking dApp that records debts on the ETH ledger

I work with Solidity, Truffle, JS/React, and Python. I adhere to TDD, clean code and smart contract best practices.

I’ve also built several web apps in Ruby/Rails.

My Past Professional Experience:

B2B Technology copywriting. Helping companies communicate the benefits of their complex tech products. Crafting white papers, web copy and blog posts that educate, explain and persuade.

ImpactInfographics.co.uk (now retired). Helping businesses position themselves as thought leaders in their field with data-driven storytelling and content marketing.

Training / qualifications:

  • Bloc.io Rails Web Development Bootcamp – 2017
  • MSc Economics – University of Nottingham (Merit)
  • BSc Physics – University of Bristol (1st)

To discuss interesting blockchain projects, email me, or shoot me a DM on Twitter.